05 May

FTA Computer Consultants Serves Up Private Cloud From Datacate Data Centers

Welcome, and thank you for reading Datacate’s case study series! In each edition, we speak with a Datacate client to learn about their business, and how they utilize technology solutions from Datacate to solve problems and deliver services to their clients. In this case study, Ed LaFrance speaks with Richard Taha of FTA Computer Consultants, Inc. Ed and Richard discuss how FTA utilizes Datacate’s colocation services to provide virtualization and cloud solutions to its clients.

Ed: Tell us a bit about you. What is your role at FTA Computer Consultants?

Richard: We are a family-owned and operated business. I started the firm in 1982 and serve as the Managing Director of the company. My son, Darian Taha, joined the company a few years later as our Chief Technical Officer. My daughter Emma Hambleton joined us more recently and is our Administrator. We have both full-time and contracted staff. 

What is FTA’s market opportunity – what products and services do you offer to your clients?

Richard: We specialize in supporting the IT needs of small to medium-sized companies. They range in size from four users to more than 50. Our client base is diverse and includes CPAs, attorneys, and manufacturers. We provide services for networking, server support, database, cloud, and cybersecurity. Our website lists all our offerings.

Ed: Datacate provides your company with colocation. What role does that play in your operations?

Richard: Datacate is one of the three pillars of client support. FTA offers client IT, public cloud, and private cloud support. Datacate’s data center is our primary location for private and hybrid cloud-based server support.


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