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backup - Backup As A Service

Protect your servers and data against disaster and gain peace of mind.

Data makes the world go around – even a partial loss of information can be catastrophic to your business. Likewise, complex server setups configs can take dozens or even hundreds of our hours to recreate manually

Don’t leave your fate to chance! Datacate’s Backup-as-a-Service (Baas), powered by industry-leading R1Soft® technology, can secure and protect your data and servers against disaster. You have full control over the scope and frequency of your Windows and Linux backups and can perform file and bare metal restores at any time via the Backup Manager control panel.

With industry-proven technology and wide support of popular operating systems, Datacate’s Backup-as-a-Service has you covered.


Backup files, email, databases and/or entire machine images


Restore individual files, databases, email and bare metal images*


Perform automatic scheduled full and incremental backups


Detailed job logs and related data


Clean management interface; automatic deployment of backup agent


Supports multiple Windows and Linux versions

Start Sleeping Better

Getting started with Datacate’s Backup-as-a-Service is easy: visit our portal, select the number of backup agents and storage that you need, and order to activate. You can then immediately begin creating backup jobs.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a live web demonstration. We’ll walk you through the system, discuss your use cases and answer all of your questions.

some restrictions apply, inquire for details