Datacate Support Policies

Datacate customers in good standing will enjoy the following support services, subject to the terms and conditions defined in the governing service Agreement:

24/7 Telephone and Email Support

Support via either on-site data center staff, or Datacate’s own 24/7 help desk, can be obtained at any time. Response times will vary by facility. Some requests, such as additional IP allocations, hardware orders, etc will require approval from Datacate, and should be made during our normal office hours.

24/7 Facility Access

Colocation clients whom request facility access may arrange with Datacate to be put on the facility’s physical access list. Thereafter, clients can gain access to the data center facility 24/7/365 by presenting proper credentials.

24/7 Basic Remote Hands Service

All clients are entitled to basic remote hands service, free of charge, as it applies to their co-located equipment. Response times will vary by facility. Free basic remote hands service is defined here. Programming work, software/hardware maintenance, troubleshooting, administration, and any other work not covered by remote hands service will be subject to additional charges.

Customers may request support by calling our main number and selecting the support extension when prompted. Customers may also request support by opening a ticket from within the Datacate client portal, or the Datacate cloud services portal, or by sending an email to