Uptime Is Paramount. Downtime Is Inevitable. Be Informed With CloudMonitorTM.

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You rely on your website, servers and services being up and available 24/7. If there’s a problem, you want to be the first to know.

Datacate’s CloudMonitorTM server monitoring service enables you to check the online state of your servers as frequently as once per minute, and can notify you via email and/or SMS the moment something is down.

With CloudMonitorTM, you decide which ports to check, how often to check, and you can even verify the presence of keywords, allowing you to ensure that your server is not just responding, but responding correctly. Email server blacklist checking is also supported. CloudMonitorTM employs a global network of monitoring stations, and if your server fails to respond to your primary monitor, it will be checked from each station in turn – you only receive an offline alert if checks from all stations fail.

CloudMonitorTM gives you logs and stats for every monitored server – you can even publish a publicly viewable stats page and link to it from your website.

SMS credits can be recharged as needed, with a range of quantities at various discounted price points.

Flexible Configuration

Monitor most common ports and add custom ports; 1 – 60 minute monitoring intervals

Robust Operation

Global multi-station monitoring: only receive alerts if all stations detect down state

Granular Controls

Per-monitor maintenance window scheduling; configure frequency and number of down notifications (SMS and email)

Rich Stats And Graphs

Graphical stats and event logs for each monitor; Create public stats pages for clients & end users

Premium Features

Add custom ports for monitoring as needed; keyword monitoring; email server blacklist monitoring

Affordable Peace of Mind

Plans start at as little as $10/month for 20 monitors, including a starter pack of SMS credits

Mind Your Business

Getting started with CloudMonitorTM is easy: visit our portal, select the plan that meets your needs, and order to activate. You can then immediately begin setting up your monitors.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a live web demonstration. We’ll walk you through the system, discuss your use cases and answer all of your questions.