Deploy A Global Infrastructure Without Leaving Your Desk.

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Datacate’s Virtual Data CenterTM represents the next step in cloud computing and storage. It’s never been easier to provision and build a virtual infrastructure.

Forget shipping hardware to far-flung locations, or trying to cobble together a solution from a hodgepodge of disassociated vendors. With Virtual Data CenterTM, you build the cloud you need. Manage all of your resources in a single pane of glass, enjoy highly competitive flat-rate pricing and flexible deployment and scaling, and reap the benefits of having a global technology platform at your service.

Flexible model

Deploy a pool of compute and storage resources, build and scale to suit: a single machine or a server farm

Flat-rate pricing

All costs are known up front – no billing surprises

Easy Administration

Manage disks, machines, networks, firewalls and more in our powerful, intuitive interface

Complete management

Popular Windows and Linux distributions supported including recovery and rebuild features (varies by zone)

Bottom line control

Upgrade and downgrade resource allocations as needed to manage peak usage and changing demands

Enhance With Addons

Use in concert with Datacate’s Content Delivery, Monitoring, and Backup-as-a-Service

Change Your Altitude

Getting started with Datacate’s Virtual Data CenterTM is easy: visit our portal, select your desired location(s) and resource allocations, and order to activate. You can then immediately begin building your infrastructure.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a live web demonstration. We’ll walk you through the system, discuss your use cases and answer all of your questions.