What Our Clients Have To Say...

I wanted to take the opportunity to complement you on the professionalism and efficiency of your team. I have refreshed my servers there over the last several months and your teams support on it has been top-notch. Never worked with a better datacenter team. It’s especially nice that even your tiny customers like me get this level of service.

David M.

East Lyme, CT
Have provided quality service at a great price. Been using the service for a couple months, but would definitely recommend to others who are hosting small scale infrastructure. Support questions through online support have been answered within minutes.

Tyler C.

Palo Alto, CA
I host a backup server at Datacate. So far, so good. Very responsive support great service. Reliability has been top notch as well. Highly recommend them for any DC needs!
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David B.

Oakland, CA
Our company moved from Las Vegas along with a dozen servers six years ago. It was critical that we found a datacenter which would provide nearly 100% uptime via redundant backbones and power. One also in which we could call upon at a moment’s notice for any emergencies we had and because of the necessity to provide security to our dozens of sites and hundreds of clients, we needed a datacenter which utilized bio-metric security at it’s doors, and also provide us 24×7 access as needed. Of course price is always a concern and after looking throughout the Sacramento area we settled on Datacate for all the above reasons. This is not one of the largest centers – that much is true – but it offers ALL the resources of a larger facility with more personalized support when you need it – isn’t that we we’re all looking for anyway? We haven’t regretted our decision to move here six years ago and we’ve watched it grow and expand to what it is today.

Brent M.

Roseville, CA
Had to jump ship from Webion and Datacate got me up running very quickly. Everyone that help me in transition was nice to deal with. Response to my technical questions was very prompt. We had a small hiccup in that beginning that was handled in within 10 minutes of my phone call. Our colocation needs a very small (3U) and it was difficult to find a Sacramento colocation services that offers less then 1/2 rack. I’m glad Datacate is here for customers like me.

Guau P.

Elk Grove, CA
I have run two major SaaS startups and never have we found a better tech partner for hosting our servers. They are not only incredibly fair and knowledgeable but their commitment to service is unparalleled. They communicate with us in every way and have expert advice on hardware purchases, server setup, and more. We have been customers for over 5 years and have never contemplated of moving to another partner. Moreover if you have time go visit them in person and enjoy their micro-brews and incredible BBQ’s at the location. Another way they are endlessly dedicated to service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Paul M.

Yountville, CA
Datacate provided me with a everything I expected. A secure rack in a good data center at a good price. They were very responsive to my questions and helped guide me through the process. I look forward to expanding my business with them in the future and will recommend them to others.

Thomas V.

Mesa, AZ
I help manage several companies that need both large scale and small scale hosting. My experience with Datacate has been great. Their support staff is available 24/7 and any issue or question I have gets answered and handled promptly. To me, there is something about working with local businesses rather than larger corporations, better service is extremely important to me and my customers. If you want to know the facts, visit their website. They are the real deal.

Ashley H.

Lincoln, CA
Data centers are usually thought of (by me) as faceless places where someone who looks like the Architect from the Matrix probably runs things. Not so at Datacate. These guys are actual people you can get on the phone. I’ve been to their facilities and I definitely see their dedication to security, redundancy and all that good geek stuff. Whether you need colo or just a responsive company I’d give them a look. I definitely think they beat Rackspace or companies like that. These guys are local and they don’t only play to the big boys. I get the feeling my problems are just as serious here as the big corporations. That’s becoming more rare these days. Thanks Datacate!
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Carl I.

Rocklin, CA
I’ve colo’d servers at this data center for several years. It’s a great location, convenient to get to, and unlike many others in this town, it’s out of the flood zone. Under the current management things have only gotten better. There’s a level of personal service here that you just don’t get with the big guys. Beyond that, pretty much everything you’d want or need in a data center is here. Highly recommended.

Colo M.

Fair Oaks, CA
Had a VPS node running with Datacate for 1 year (June 2014 to June 2015) — nothing but excellent service from my first contact with sales all through and after closing my account. Never had a moment of downtime, network was always at top performance, and they notified us of suspicious traffic patterns (sudden increases in traffic) when our clients’ virtual servers were compromised. I regret that I had to close down my shop to move forward with other projects and cancel my service with them, but I can’t recommend Datacate enough. They simply blew away every other provider I’ve been with.

Joe F.

Farmingdale, NY
We started our relationship with Datacate in the late summer of 2016 by moving some of data center servers to Datacate’s colocation facilities. First, the initial contact, facility tour, negotiation, and kickoff went very smoothly during which our contact person Ed even made himself available during his vacation!! During the startup process, Ed always checked in with us to ensure everything was going well. The help desk has always been responsive and professional. All questions were addressed promptly which was very important for our transition. We love the customer portal which allows us to monitor all critical indicators on a real time basis. We look forward to maintaining a long term business relationship with Datacate!

Lihong M.

Reston, VA