Put Your Content In the Fast Lane.

Media Network 1635577 - Content Delivery Network

Speed the delivery of your HTML and streaming media content to your audience with Datacate’s Global Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Sure, you can build a screamingly fast website or media server, but network latency over long distances can slow things to a crawl for your end users. The solution: our fast, global CDN enables you to push media and content to the edges of the global network. From there, it’s just a hop or two to the final destination, creating a much faster and more responsive end user experience.

Content Delivery via CDN is frequently a more cost-effective and elegant solution when compared to replicating full-blown servers across multiple regions.

Our feature-rich CDN can get the job done, conveniently and within your budget.


HTTP Pull, HTTP Push, Video on Demand and Streaming media types supported


Deliver server-less HTML and files with HTTP Push – no content source required


Choose edge zones from our global content delivery network


IP and region-based access policies, hotlink access policies


See stats and usage for your deployed CDN resources


Flat monthly rate includes 2TB CDN traffic usage monthly per resource

Your Media On The Move

Getting started with Datacate’s Content Delivery Network is easy: visit our portal, select the amount of CDN resources you need, and order to activate. You can then immediately begin building your network.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a live web demonstration. We’ll walk you through the system, discuss your use cases and answer all of your questions.