Stop The Bad Guys Before They Stop You.

kisspng - Blacklist Subscription Service

According to recent reports, more than half of the Internet’s total traffic comes from ‘bots’ – automated scripts and programs that run unattended, 24/7. The majority of bots are malicious in nature, designed to seek out and exploit weaknesses in Internet-connected systems. Hostile bot traffic can clog up ports and interfaces, place unwanted loads on devices, and can eventually lead to infection and compromise of your critical infrastructure.

To help combat this ever-present threat, Datacate has rolled out its Blacklist Subscription Service (BSS), available to current and future Datacate clients everywhere via BGP. Datacate’s BSS aggregates multiple automated and curated blacklists into one service with 15 discreet communities that are logically organized. BSS customers can subscribe to any single community or combination of communities, or take the entire community list according to their preferences.

Each blacklist community contains ranges of IPv4 addresses which have been identified as being from high-risk regions or are known to be under the control of spammers, hackers, and cybercriminals. Once you subscribe to the BSS, these potentially dangerous IPs will be blocked before entering your network – your servers and systems will never see their traffic.


Protect your critical systems from known bots, scanners and hackers


Granular selection of communities and networks


Regular automatic updates ensure continuous protection

Start Sleeping Better

Datacate maintains and updates its blacklists constantly, so you can rest assured that any new attack origins are added to the list as soon as they are identified, as well as automated removal of legitimate sources once the compromise is cleared.

Datacate’s BSS is available now – please contact us for more information on putting it to work for you.