Complexity Simplified

Complexity Simplified

Datacate’s cloud services portal offers you a global infrastructure for deployment, management and scaling of cloud resources, via a ridiculously easy-to-use self-service interface. Intuitive features and controls, a short learning curve, on-demand upgrades and powerful options make our system quick and painless. Ditch the hardware. Use our global Virtual Data…



What’s your dream? Launching a game-changing startup? Creating the next killer app? Taking on the “as-a-service” marketplace with the next big thing? Or perhaps you just want to unify and…


Small Business

Your small business needs the tools and technology to succeed. Datacate provides solutions, right-sized to fit your business and available now, without requiring you to hire an army of IT…



As a developer, you’re responsible for providing the best code, development practices, impending integration and continued support of your client’s project, all while conforming to a challenging schedule and dealing…



In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to remain agile. Workloads must adapt to a changing world; resources must be deployed intelligently, to optimize return and minimize waste. Datacate has the…

More Services

Hardware As A Service

At Datacate, we know hardware. Whether you are looking for a single dedicated server or a complete managed stack, Don’t…

Managed IT Solutions

Datacate provides customized managed IT solutions and services utilizing Service Level Agreements tailored to the client's requirements. Each business has…


Datacate offers state-of-the-art colocation solutions in two regional US markets. All of our colocation offerings are deployed in high-performance secure…

Hybrid Solutions

At Datacate, we don't force a "one size fits all" approach on clients whom are seeking a tailored, customized solution.…

  • 19
    Computing Zones

    Deploy resources in geographically diverse locations, connect services and networks to instantly create your global infrastructure

  • 30
    Content Delivery Zones

    Push data and services to the edges of your global network, delivering to where you customer lives

  • 58
    Major Metropolitan Areas

    Be present in primary network hubs around the globe. Latency and bottlenecks become a thing of the past

  • 29

    Deploy a truly global infrastructure. Smash your competition with a presence that wraps around the world

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Simplify • Centralize • Maximize

Office In A Box: A Turnkey Productivity Solution

Datacate’s “Office in a Box” solution enables your team to get the most out of business communications and productivity tools, while simultaneously freeing you from the headaches and costs of deploying and maintaining infrastructure.

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