10 May

Datacate, Inc Awarded State of California Certified Small Business Status

DGS - Datacate, Inc Awarded State of California Certified Small Business StatusWe are pleased to announce that Datacate, Inc has completed the California Office of Small Business application and vetting process, and has subsequently been awarded Certified Small Business status. Our CA SB Certification ID is 2001922.

The Small Business (SB) Certification Programs were established to increase business opportunities for the SB communities with the State of California; thereby stimulating the state’s overall economy. The Office of Small Business further promotes small business participation by administering the Certification Reciprocity Program.  The program’s intent is to build partnerships with cities, counties and special districts throughout California in accepting the state’s small business certification.

Certified Small Business status allows Datacate to provide services to a variety of state and local entities, with benefits such as bidding preference and expedited payment baked into the process.

Datacate clients and others who are interested in becoming California Certified Small Businesses are encouraged to learn more about the program, and to apply: http://www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/Programs/OSDS/GetCertified.aspx