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  • Cyber threats are getting worse every day. Checking your online systems for exploitable vulnerabilities is the first step toward securing your data and assets from compromise.

    As part of our commitment to fostering cybersecurity, Datacate is offering free vulnerability scans of up to three of your online devices: web servers, application servers, mail servers, remote desktop servers, network gateways (i.e. Internet router), security device, and any other critical online device. 

    Please submit the following information for your free vulnerability scan. We will process your request and schedule the scan(s) as soon as possible. Our process will not disturb or harm the scanning targets.

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    List up to three targets to be tested. Indicate the IP address, hostname (if applicable), and type of device/system for each target.
  • I hereby authorize Datacate to perform vulnerability scanning (the “Services”) of the indicated system(s). I understand that the Services serve only as a passive conduit to provide the scan and recommended fixes and are not intended to fix, remedy, prevent, or eliminate any vulnerabilities or insecurities. I understand and agree that am solely responsible for securing and protecting my system(s). I understand that the Services only scan for major known vulnerabilities and that a successful scan does not guarantee or ensure that a System is free of all vulnerabilities or insecurities.