22 Jun

Dovos Media Distributes Content Via Datacate’s Enterprise-class Internet

Welcome, and thank you for reading Datacate’s case study series! In each edition, we speak with a Datacate client to learn about their business, and how they utilize technology solutions from Datacate to solve problems and deliver services to their clients.

In this case study, Ed LaFrance speaks with Stephen Kristoff of Dovos Media. Ed and Stephen discuss how Dovos utilizes Datacate’s high-speed, redundant Internet connectivity to manage and deliver high-quality media content.

Ed: Tell us a bit about you. What is your role at Dovos Media?

Stephen: I co-own Dovos Media LLC with my wife. We’re an award-winning video production and aerial cinematography company specializing in digital and broadcast commercial content. We’re based in Folsom but have clients around the globe. I oversee the production process from concept to post-production to the final deliverable. My wife runs the distribution side around digital and social marketing campaigns, webpage development, and metrics for our tourism and event marketing clients.

What is Dovos Media’s market opportunity – what products and services do you offer to your clients?

Stephen: We specialize in marketing, promotional and educational videos for mid to large-scale organizations. We’re able to combine highly-skilled media production capabilities with digital distribution services, which gives us an edge. Most providers our size specialize in one or the other. This makes for more effective service, whether for tourism, event marketing, or a product we’re helping to sell.

Ed: Datacate provides your company with colocation. What role does that play in your operations?

Stephen: Datacate’s high-speed Internet allows our team and clients to access media files quickly…


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