April 2016 25
The Benefits Of A Virtualized Office Infrastructure
Posted By : Ed LaFrance

If you’ve been considering ways to improve and simplify the management of your on-premises office systems, or if you are looking to reduce overall IT costs, a virtualized office should certainly be on your short…

September 2014 22
When Colocation Makes Sense For Your Project
Posted By : Ed LaFrance

With Colocation, you provide the server hardware (and sometimes networking hardware) and the expertise to configure and maintain it - your colocation vendor provides the data center cabinet space, power, security, environmental controls, and in…

February 2013 06
Considerations When Choosing A Colocation Provider
Posted By : Ed LaFrance

Once you have made the choice to collocate, considering your organization’s needs is the first step in selecting a Colocation provider.   Below is a list of questions to get you started on determining what requirements you have…