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Take Your Business Into The Cloud with Datacate’s Virtual Private Servers.

At Datacate, we offer Virtual Private Server hosting to meet your business needs.  We provide virtualized solutions, rapidly deployed and ready to scale. Experience all the benefits of a virtualized environment, on our public cloud or on a private cloud environment dedicated to you. Whether your needs are large or small, our managed VPS hosting solutions come in all sizes. Have Questions? Consult with us about your next project – we are here to help!

Need A VPS Fast? Deploy Now On Our Public Cloud.

Choose from dozens of installation images, configure parameters and go - your virtual machine is ready in minutes!


Our clients are building more powerful solutions that need to scale quickly and frequently. Clients want to be hands on, but without ever touching hardware. VPS and managed cloud solutions provide the answer. At Datacate, we provide VPS hosting services molded to your needs.  Take advantage of virtual private hosting and take your business into the “cloud”.  Control and scale your online presence instantly, without the need for hardware IT resources, acquisition, tools or downtime.



Clients with general-purpose requirements can utilize VPS rapidly deployed on our public cloud environment and enjoy the high performance and availability that is standard with all of our virtualized offerings. For those who have more specific or resource-intensive applications, Datacate will build a private cloud or hybrid cloud platform tailored to those needs. We build powerful solutions and offer expert tools to conform your environment, thereby offering tremendous value to our clients.


Provision your virtual private server, allocate resources, and scale up as needed. Do this all from the comfort of your home office or laptop. We offer a secure and accessible login portal to handle your VPS hosting environment. We offer you the best that real resources and virtualization have to offer.  Looking for support?  We offer customized Managed IT solutions to fit your business needs.



Virtualizing your server stack eliminates the need for you to provide hardware IT for your business. Our virtualization clients enjoy the benefits of complete control over their VPS, without the associated headaches of deploying and maintaining server hardware. This leaves our clients free to focus on growing their business. Contact us today to learn how virtualization can work for you!

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