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Get The Inside Track On Succeeding with Colocation.

Datacate is pleased to announce the release of our Colocation Survival Guide, First Edition. This 50+ page document is an in-depth examination and discussion of the specifying, planning, implementing and maintenance of a colocation deployment. The Colocation Survival Guide is a must-have, whether you are exploring the feasibility of colocation, working on your first colocation project, have performed multiple deployments, or are just looking for general information and knowledge pertaining to the subject.

You will face a myriad of factors and an abundance of decisions throughout the life cycle of a typical colocation project. This free Guide is highly recommended and will serve as an aid and a constant point of reference. Things you’ll learn from reading the Colocation Survival Guide:

  • How to quantify your needs so you don’t over- or under-buy resources;
  • Important electrical code and fire code rules that you are expected to know;
  • Ways to negotiate a good deal on your colocation package;
  • How to get free bandwidth;
  • Laws and rules that will dictate what you can (and cannot) buy;
  • Hidden gotchas and costs that you won’t necessarily be told about up front;
  • Common missteps to avoid;
  • How to properly determine and specify power requirements (including a common mistake that most people make);
  • Critical business factors that are overlooked all too often;

… and many, many more important topics, too numerous to mention. The Colocation Survival Guide takes you through the entire colocation life cycle, from determining specifications and obtaining bids, to planning and deployment, to maintenance, upgrades, downgrades and termination.

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