02 Dec

Straten Consulting Supports Sales Pipeline With Data Center Colocation

Welcome, and thank you for reading Datacate’s case study series! In each edition, we speak with a Datacate client to learn about their business, and how they utilize technology solutions from Datacate to solve problems and deliver services to their clients.

In this case study, Ed LaFrance speaks with Jens Straten, the founder and CEO of Straten Consulting, a developer of software solutions to simplify business processes for SAP customers. Ed and Jens discuss how Straten Consulting utilizes Datacate’s colocation services to support new client engagement, product demonstrations, and telecom services.

Ed: Hello Jens! Tell us a bit about you. What is your role at Straten Consulting?

Jens: I am the CEO and founder. My role here includes common CEO tasks, like communication with customers, vendors, business partners, and the public; creating and implementing our mission, strategy and goals; ensuring high standards and social responsibility; assessment and minimization of risks. I am also involved in the design of our software products and the creation of service offerings.

Ed: What is Straten Consulting’s market position – what products and services do you offer to your clients?

Jens: Straten Consulting is an SAP PartnerEdge company. We primarily offer software solutions to simplify business processes for SAP customers. Our solutions streamline work-intensive issues to save time. For example, we offer a product that dramatically simplifies the IDoc error handling process in SAP. IDocs are typically used to connect SAP customers to other customers and vendors using EDI…


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