21 Apr

Solace Enterprise Takes Care Of Business With Datacate Cloud, WiFi

Welcome, and thank you for reading Datacate’s case study series! In each edition, we speak with a Datacate client to learn about their business, and how they utilize technology solutions from Datacate to solve problems and deliver services to their clients. In this case study, Ed LaFrance speaks with Gary Shurtz of Solace Enterprises. Ed and Gary discuss how Solace Enterprises utilizes Datacate’s virtualized office technology and Internet connectivity for business-wide IT functions.

Ed: Hello, Tell us a bit about you. What is your role at Solace Enterprises?

Gary: I’m one of the owners of Solace Enterprises. I began working in HVAC about five years ago. My education is in social sciences, but I’ve found that working in heating and air conditioning has offered more opportunities for advancement. My uncle had started the business, and within a few months, I had joined the team. Currently, I serve as the COO of Solace and manage all of the daily operations.

Ed: What is Solace Enterprises’ market opportunity – what products and services do you offer to your clients??

Gary: Solace Enterprises is a full-range heating and cooling company. We have both a construction department and a service department, so we can build out new HVAC systems from the ground up and service existing installations. Our focus is the commercial side of the business. We’ve just launched a new division for commercial solar installations with complete design, engineering, and build services.

Ed: Datacate provides your company with virtualized office technology (virtual desktops & servers) and wireless point-to-point internet connectivity. What role do those services play in your operations?

Gary: When we were planning the move into our new location, we inquired with our ISP and learned that it would take months to get service at the new building…


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