03 Jan

Datacate’s Rancho Cordova Data Center Gets New, More Powerful Backup Generator

It had served us well for many years, but as we wrapped up 2018 the time had come to replace Datacate’s emergency backup generator at our Rancho Cordova facility with a new, more efficient and more powerful unit. With the many upgrades already completed to our power infrastructure, the existing generator no longer matched requirements and had effectively reached end of life.

After substantial research, Blue Star equipment was selected, owing largely to its reputation for reliability and ease of maintenance. While awaiting delivery of the new generator, preparations were made for installation, such as provisioning a tap box for electrical work, applying for permitting and obtaining approved plans for installation.

A few days prior to the arrival of the new generator, a portable unit was obtained and placed on site. This unit provided standby power during the installation window, ensuring that Datacate’s Rancho Cordova data center was never without a backup power source.

The day on which installation took place was comprised of a carefully orchestrated series of events. A crane with operating crew arrived early. Diesel fuel from the old generator’s fuel tank was pumped out, filtered and stored into an array of 55 gallon drums. The generator was disconnected from service and unbolted from its concrete pad. The crane then lifted the old generator from the pad and set it on a waiting flatbed truck, which hauled it away to be permanently decommissioned. The concrete pad was then cleaned and prepped for the next step.

The new generator, which had already arrived on a flatbed, was waiting in the wings. Once positioned under the crane, the new generator was lifted off the truck and carefully positioned on the concrete pad. Technicians then went to work, bolting the new unit to it’s concrete base and making connections for electrical output and controls. The fuel that had been drained from the old generator was pumped into the new unit, with additional fuel added from a tanker truck to top it off.

When all work was completed, the new generator installation was inspected by the various regulatory agencies and was put through a series of tests for electrical output quality and load transfer performance. Upon passing all tests, the new unit was placed into service.

With the generator replacement project completed, Datatcate’s entire power infrastructure for our Rancho Cordova data center has been upgraded and rebuilt, doubling capacity, substantially extending emergency runtime capabilities, and all while improving efficiency and controls. These improvements ensure that Datacate will be able to supply its Rancho Cordova clients with superior, high-availability service for many years to come.

Watch Time Lapse Video

A portable stand-by generator is placed on site. This unit will be present for the duration of the backup generator replacement project, to ensure that emergency power is always available.