01 Feb

Customer Focus of A Boutique Datacenter

write - Customer Focus of A Boutique DatacenterIt never ceases to amaze us how much personal attention a small company gives its customers.  Regardless if it is the corner drycleaners or a local community bank, your personal satisfaction matters to these companies.  They know every account matters and every account is a person or business they have a relationship with.  The same is true of datacenters.

Over the past few years, local smaller datacenters around the Sacramento area have been acquired and enveloped in the fold of larger companies.  Fewer and fewer “boutique” datacenters are available to offer personalized customer service to their clients.   Datacate is one of those few that remain.

So it is understandable that some customers become nervous when large nationwide datacenters acquire local companies for their portfolio.  How will the handling of their account be affected?  Will there still be personalized service for each customer?

Personalized attention to every account is something that is valued by our customers, and it is the reason they continue to work with us rather than joining a larger firm.  They know we offer the same services and solutions as the other guys when it comes to Colocation,VPS Hosting and Managed IT Services, and that we are focused on customer relations.  Furthermore, our customers enjoy the benefits of being at a convenient 24-hour accessible location residing outside of the state’s earthquake zone, but still within a two-hour trip from Silicon Valley.

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