09 Jun

Comcast Business Service Now on-Net In Rancho Cordova

comcast business cloud ethernet thumbnail - Comcast Business Service Now on-Net In Rancho CordovaWe at Datacate are pleased to announce that Comcast has joined our list of on-Net carriers at our flagship Rancho Cordova, California data center. Comcast’s suite of business services can now be made available to all of our Rancho Cordova data center clients. Comcast’s business Ethernet solutions, as well as their business voice solutions, are among the services that are ready to be provisioned:

  • Ethernet Private Line Service (Point to Point) – utilizing high-capacity fiber connections, any Ethernet or VLAN protocol can be used with this dedicated point-to-point service;
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service (Point to Multipoint) – replace a frame relay or ATM service with this robust offering which supports Service Multiplexed UNI and allows a single physical connection for multiple virtual connections;
  • Ethernet Network Service (Multipoint to Multipoint) – connect physically distributed locations across a Metro-E network and exchange data at up to 10Gbps. Idea for organizations with many locations and high traffic demands;
  • Ethernet Dedicated Internet Service – IP connectivity on the Comcast network for those who need it;
  • Business Voice & VoiceEdge – digital business voice line offerings, with a rich suite of features including unlimited local and long distance calling, voicemail, forwarding, advanced  management features and more;
  • PRI Trunks – Direct Inward and Outward Dial on up to 23 channels simultaneously, with automated rerouting, detailed logs and more. Add channels as needed with just a phone call;
  • SIP Trunks – Deliver voice over the IP network to a designated end point. Control and share the number of concurrent call sessions across multiple locations.

Comcast’s national network is comprised of nearly 150,000 miles of fiber, covering 39 US states plus Washington DC. Comcast has built it’s national network to deliver high availability with minimal latency and packet loss. Symmetrical connection speeds range from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.