16 Dec

BlueDAG LLC Succeeds With Datacate’s Cloud Services

Welcome, and thank you for reading Datacate’s case study series! In each edition, we speak with a Datacate client to learn about their business, and how they utilize technology solutions from Datacate to solve problems and deliver services to their clients.

In this case study, Datacate’s VP Ed LaFrance speaks with Joshua Hovinga, the COO of BlueDAG LLC. BlueDAG is a SaaS provider, offering software solutions for ADA compliance initiatives to both private and public sector clients.


Ed: Hello, Josh! Tell us a bit about you and your role at BlueDAG?

Josh: I am the Chief Operations Officer at BlueDAG. I oversee day-to-day activities in all departments, and I’m responsible for strategic planning to ensure operational alignment with directives and goals set forth by the CEO and the Board.

Ed: What is BlueDAG’s market opportunity, and what role does cloud technology play in its services and operations?

Josh: BlueDAG is a cloud-hosted software system for end-to-end management of ADA evaluation and compliance initiatives. Our software tools simplify and streamline the ADA compliance tasks of both public and private entities, and helps to further access for all.

As a SaaS solution, BlueDAG is heavily reliant on a stable and responsive hosting provider to deliver a positive user experience. Datacate hosts all of our software, the majority of our client’s data, and is responsible for delivery to the end-user over the internet…


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