13 Jul

40Gbps Internet Service Now Available In Rancho Cordova

40Gbps - 40Gbps Internet Service Now Available In Rancho CordovaWe at Datacate have been hard at work on our mission to continuously improve the overall value of our services. As a result of core network upgrades recently completed at our Rancho Cordova, CA location, we can now offer to our Rancho Cordova data center clients Internet connectivity on our redundant network at speeds of up to a blazingly fast 40Gbps!

Datacate has always offered clients in our Rancho Cordova location a range of Internet connectivity solutions, with fractional or full commits at speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps. We are now adding a new expanded limit of 40Gbps to that range. As with 10Gbps connections, 40Gbps service is delivered via fiber to the client’s 40Gbps-capable equipment. 40Gbps service is suitable for larger clients with very high volume bandwidth needs who are able to provision the hardware and networking infrastructure that can support that high level of service within their stack. Commitment minimums for term and bandwidth will apply to 40Gbps service.

40Gbps service represents the leading edge of Datacate’s Internet connectivity offerings. We welcome your inquiry if you have a serious interest in 40Gbps service and would like to learn more – simply contact us at sales@datacate.com, or dial 855.722.2656 for assistance.