04 Feb

How Datacate Cloud Services Beats AWS, Azure, IBM, Google Cloud, And More

When planning a cloud deployment, it’s understandable that one might gravitate towards the big names: AWS, Azure, Google or IBM. It is natural to assume that doing so will ensure quality, stable service, cost competitiveness, and ample support resources.

We at Datacate would like to warn you against being too hasty with such assumptions. Without a doubt, the big guys are very big – recent stats indicate that AWS and Azure combined own more than 70% of the cloud marketplace, with AWS being the clear leader at just over 40% of all cloud deployments. Nobody ever got fired for deploying on AWS (don’t quote us on that, but you get the idea).

So going with one of the biggest providers is a safe bet, right? After all, millions of people can’t be wrong! Perhaps… but when making this decision, don’t ask which provider is “best”; ask which is best for you. You need a cloud services provider that meets YOUR needs – and if you are a small business, there’s a pretty good chance that the big guys are NOT your best choice. While the behemoths of cloud battle over Pentagon contracts, Datacate is quietly providing our small business clients with excellent services and support. Consider the following benefits when using Datacate Cloud Services…

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