06 Dec

Datacate Now Offering In-cabinet ATS In Rancho Cordova

automatic transfer switch PTS 235x300 - Datacate Now Offering In-cabinet ATS In Rancho CordovaAt Datacate, we are committed to providing our clients with practical solutions that enhance their service experience. For our full-circuit colocation clients who have single-corded equipment, but would like to take advantage of the additional redundancy and the uptime SLA that is part of A/B power service, we now offer in-cabinet ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) solutions at our Rancho Cordova data center.

ATS technology allows dual-source power to be fed to a device or group of devices that have just one power input. This commonly includes older or smaller servers, external storage devices, switches and routers. With in-cabinet ATS, clients with these devices can have them powered by an A/B power feed, which offers fail-over protection in the event that power is interrupted on either circuit. While use of A/B power most commonly requires that client equipment has built-in dual power supplies, an in-cabinet ATS eliminates that need. The ATS device connects the client’s existing cabinet power strip to dual (A/B) power feeds, and provides high-speed buffered fail-over when power is lost on either input. Datacate also has in-cabinet ATS solutions which incorporate a compact power output strip, for situations where fewer connections are needed.

Datacate can provide in-cabinet ATS solutions to both half-cabinet and full-cabinet clients, in 120V and 208V configurations. Please do not hesitate to contact sales if you would like to learn more about in-cabinet ATS service.