07 Mar

Datacate Introduces Wireless PTP Service For Our Rancho Cordova Business Neighbors

Datacate is pleased to offer Wireless Point-to-Point (WPTP) data communications services to our qualified business neighbors in the Rancho Cordova Business Park, as well as to surrounding areas that are within range.

Our WPTP service can provide your business with reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity on our enterprise-class network, with no data usage limits and swift turn-up times. Since no physical connection to your building is required, there’s no waiting for fiber runs or digging up of streets. We place an antenna on your roof or parapet, configure it to connect to our network and tune it for optimum connectivity. You need only provide a suitable mounting point and the cabling back to your network switch or router.

You’ll enjoy blazingly fast, premium Internet connectivity that is on par with what we provide to clients within our data center. Plus, the same WPTP connection can be used to create a private VLAN connection for direct access to your colocation, Hardware-as-Service, or cloud services from Datacate.

Datacate’s WPTP service is available now. Please contact us for rates and details.