21 Jun

Datacate Implements Path-of-Travel Lighting in Rancho Cordova Data Center

We are pleased to announce that Datacate has completed the implementation of automatic lighting controls in our Rancho Cordova, California data center and attached offices. The new controls effectively divide the data center lighting into more than 20 segments, each with its own independent sensor, creating modular lighted areas which are triggered by motion. This new arrangement provides for 24/7 automatic path-of-travel lighting for Datacate’s clients, as well as for our own staff. Lighted areas automatically go dark after an interval of inactivity, but can be instantly re-triggered by slight motions if needed.

Datacate’s automatic lighting controls provide increased safety and convenience for our clients and staff, but the benefits don’t stop there. Studies have shown that sensor-controlled illumination can result in estimated lighting energy savings of 38% – 60% or greater, as compared to manual lighting controls (i.e. wall switches). In a 24/7 facility with large lighted spaces, those energy savings can add up quickly. The takeaway is clear: Datacate’s path-of-travel lighting is good sustainability policy.

The automatic path-of-travel lighting project is the latest in a series of energy efficiency projects that have been completed by Datacate. Past projects included replacing all fluorescent lighting with high-efficiency LED illumination, completely replacing the internal power transformer/UPS infrastructure with modern equipment, installing ultra-efficient Climate Wizard cooling technology and upgrading managed services data storage arrays to SSD technology. Datacate’s energy efficiency initiatives have garnered us certification as a Sacramento-area
Sustainable Business and have earned us the 2016 Sacramento-area Sustainable Business Award for energy efficiency. Datacate’s clients can feel confident that using our services will ultimately help them achieve their own green/sustainable initiatives.