29 Nov

Datacate Completes Power Infrastructure Upgrade, Increases Capacity

IMG 20171117 151401 300x225 - Datacate Completes Power Infrastructure Upgrade, Increases CapacityDatacate has completed a full power distribution infrastructure upgrade at its primary Rancho Cordova, California facility. The upgrade replaces older equipment with modern technology, increases facility capacity, and adds enhanced monitoring and controls.


Datacate CIO Chris James planned and coordinated the effort, and handled equipment acquisition as well as contractor scheduling and management. The highly orchestrated upgrade required dozens of carefully executed steps in order to perform the needed work without disturbing critical loads in the production environment. Nearly 16 tons of new electrical conditioning and backup equipment was installed on the data center floor; and over 10 tons of old equipment was removed, to be torn down and recycled responsibly.

With the completion of this upgrade, Datacate’s Rancho Cordova facility UPS capacity has increased nearly three-fold with full N+1 redundancy in a symmetrical 1/1 configuration. All transfers were performed hot and without loss of critical load. Facility UPS and transformer capacities have been proportionally increased as well. Finally, the upgraded power equipment features more granular monitoring and control capabilities, which will enhance infrastructure management and first response.

Datacate’s upgraded Rancho Cordova facility power infrastructure enables Datacate to continue providing excellent high-availability services to its clients, and facilitates improvements in efficiencies and internal controls.



Images from Datacate’s Power Upgrade Project

Nearly 16 tons of new equipment awaits installation in the facility warehouse.