15 Mar

Datacate Announces Services Portal For Building Of Global Infrastructure

bigstock Technology in the hands of bus 36413044 - Datacate Announces Services Portal For Building Of Global InfrastructureDatacate is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its cloud services portal, enabling IT professionals, developers, small businesses and others to utilize a global infrastructure for deployment, management and scaling of cloud resources, via a ridiculously easy-to-use self-service interface. Datacate’s cloud services portal offers you Intuitive features and controls, a short learning curve, on-demand upgrades and powerful options make our system quick and painless. Cloud services portal users can unshackle themselves from the confines of the physical computing world.


Build a global server farm with Virtual Data CenterTM

Ditch the hardware. Use our global Virtual Data CenterTM (VDC) to provision a pool of resources, then build and scale as needed. Choose from a list of global locations, and tailor resource options to meet your needs. Granular controls allow you to apply resources where needed and reallocate at will. It’s never been easier to provision and build a virtual infrastructure. Datacate’s VDC is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) the way it was meant to be.

Deliver media and files around the world with CDN

Need to serve up content in diverse regions? Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) will speed delivery of your HTML and media content via our global edge network. You’ll enjoy granular controls and policies, support for SSL and even serverless delivery of content via HTTP push. CDN is the smart and cost-effective alternative to building a redundant server network.

Oversee your deployments with CloudMonitorTM

You’ve poured your sweat into deploying your infrastructure – now keep an eye on it with Datacate’s CloudMontorTM server monitoring service. CloudMonitorTM leverages our global network of monitoring stations to check the up state of your servers. You simply configure the ports/services to check, monitoring intervals, and means of notification. CloudMonitorTM supports email and SMS alerts, scheduled maintenance windows, and even lets you create public stats pages for your monitored servers. Advanced features like keyword checking and email blacklist checking are also available.

Protect Your Investment With Backup-as-a-Service

Disasters happen. Protect your servers and data with Datacate’s Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), powered by proven R1Soft® technology. Order backup agents and storage, automatically deploy agents to servers, set backup policies and perform restores, all from our simple, powerful backup manager. Whether you need to restore a single file or an entire server, Datacate’s BaaS will have you covered. Your data is a valuable asset – give it the protection it deserves.


Datacate’s cloud services portal is available now, so you can start building and deploying your project today. Interested in learning more? Schedule a live web demonstration. We’ll walk you through the system, discuss your use cases and answer all of your questions.