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Datacate can offer tape/disk/HD swap services in select locations. We also offer a full range of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.



Datacate offers cross connects from your cabinet or server to other cabinets, servers, and carriers. Connecting to a carrier allows you to use leased lines to directly connect your customers or your office to your equipment in our colocation facility. Connecting between cabinets allows customers with multiple servers to share files and data without having to do it over the public internet. Your shared, private data will travel through a secure, private network assuring you optimal security. This is essentially creating your own LAN within our facility.



If you need a dedicated line to your equipment, for remote control, VoIP, or some other requirement, we are here to help. Datacate’s data centers are carrier-neutral, meaning that you can select from any provider you wish whom can deliver service to the facility. You simply order your line with the facility address as the service address, give us the details when the line is ready, and we’ll do the internal run right to your equipment. It’s that easy! We can also assist you in getting the transit or transport services you need – let our carrier specialists assist you.



If you have antennas or other equipment that requires rooftop mounting, please contact us to discuss your application – we can provide roof rights in select locations.



We realize that it is not always feasible for clients or their technical staff to visit the data center when technical work or issues arise. For that reason, we offer Professional Services at competitive rates, for things like hardware and software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. We can provide an estimate of time and cost to complete a specific task.*

* availability of professional services varies by location, please inquire for details



We can spec and build a wide range of enterprise class server and storage hardware for purchase, then deploy directly to the data center.



We offer our clients access to our e-waste and asset recovery programs. Old hardware, non-functioning hardware – whatever it is, chances are we can help with disposal.